Friday, 18 October 2013

MG Aile Strike Gundam #08

Finally, the building proces comes to an end. It took me a lot of time to make it worth to publish. Every single piece of plastic has been painted, tweaked, etc. The enclosed decals are applied. The water-bases decals gave me a hard time, because it is quite difficult get it fixed properly without sliding them back and forth. Enjoy!

MG 1/100 Strike Gundam (v1.0)
I did some research on the web on which decals are applied on the PG and I wanted to repliciate the edgy look on my MG Strike. With an extra decals sheet for the Strike Gundam in particular, I have been able to boost up the MG a little bit more...on top of the mini parts. The results are beyond expectations, because I am just an amateur, really I am...

Use Mr. Hobby Decal Marker for extra adhesive power and protect it with Top Coat. It will last (almost) forever. One of the most important issues I've learned is to be patient in the process. Even though this is just my third MG kit, I can't deny the amount of parts are substantially more detailed (duh!) than a HG and RG. One needs to taken time of taking the part from the runners, snap, cut, file, sand the sprues. Then sand and wash all whole parts prior to the actual painting. My advice: take your time if you have the time, do not rush...