Friday, 29 May 2009

Exia & OO progress #02

While I'm waiting for my shipment of paint, I've been studying how much work on the Exia SD is need to make it just as neat as on the manuel booklet. It turned out to be a tiny nightmare if you want to do it right. Why? Because of the tiny areas that has to be painted in order to create that deatiled look on this mini scaled model. Quite daunting if you're not a fan of painting and very disappointing if you're not painting at all... For me? I'm lovin' it...

The Exia SD kit is improved at the joints on the places we all know such as arm pits, hips and ankles. Remember the 'PC-B' polycaps for the hips? They're not using those anymore...
Anyway, OO fans know that the Exia was very suitable for melee, which was a feast for my eyes. The elbows of SD kit are fixed now in a generic slash angle and come with 2 shields, 3 swords and 2 beam sabers... nice!

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