Monday, 17 August 2009

Exia & OO progress #04

Parts sprayed with the new airbrush and it looks good. I did not put more effort in applying a primer on it first,'s 'just' a SD-project. Nevertheless, I'm happy with the result. Tiny paintjobs by hand and loads of markings to do and it is ready.

The marking is bit messy, because I was really tired of this kit. It is a lot of work for a SD, almost not worth the effort. On the other hand. it looks so much better with paint...


Mwu La Fllaga said...

Again, some masterpieces. You're becoming more and more one of the finest SD builders/ Mod'ers.

It was great fun producing so much kits, all ready and painted and brushed in a couple of weekends.

Looking forward to next Gunpla-festivals.

Wizzie said...

These SD's are looking great, your'e really are a SD master. Looking forward to your other new kits.

marc said...

i agree on the panel lining it looks a bit overdone, but as always the complete picture is right. hows your first experience with the airbrush ? looking forward to your next project

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