Sunday, 3 January 2010

GAT-X103AP Verde Buster

The Verde Buster SD is a quite challenging kit. It has loads of weapons compared to the original Buster Gundam. This is a marvelous kit for SD fans and excellent for side-projects. The inside of some parts are finished with black.

Used colors (Tamiya Acrylic Paint)

X-6 Orange
X-28 Park Green
XF-1 Flat Black
XF-2 Flat White
XF-5 Flat Green
XF-7 Flat Red
XF-15 Flat Flesh
XF-21 Flat Base
XF-62 Olive Drab
XF-63 German Grey
Gundam Marker Black


Mwu La Fllaga said...

great detail and nice reference to your original SD Buster Gundam.
The colors are also mixed very good.

Anonymous said...

wow, nice piece!...

i'm new to gunpla, i bought a MG Exia ignition mode, and i'm planing to airbrush it, well, i don't know where to start, could you help me?

Chobin said...

Hi Eugene, it's nice that you want to do a proper paintjob on your kit. I cannot help you literally, but I can give you some advice. Start with selecting a decent compressor and an airbrush pistol. Remember, quality is relative, so it doesn't have to be high-end models...unless you're making a living out of Gundam kits building. Click on the 'partnerlinks' on this blog for more tips and information.

Anonymous said...

Hello chobin, yes, coz i really love gundams, so now i decided to collect and paint them. where are the partnerlinks? i dont see them, sorry..

Chobin said...

My bad, check out "Gundam related" column on the right. Good luck!

Wizzie said...

Another work piece of the master.
The colors are really great!!

Syful said...

Hey dude, Just noticed this while I was browsing around.. very interesting, I'll add you up in my site.