Sunday, 7 June 2009

Master Grade GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam

The next gunpla kit will be the MG Aile Strike Gundam. Unlike my Gundam RX78-2 OYW and MS-06J Zaku II, this kit will undergo a full-fledged paint job 'by the book'. This means no washing and no battle damages. Instead, it will look as if it's straight from the GAT-X assembly line of Morgenroete Inc.
Building MG's is always something special and it amazes me with its accurate parts of the inner skeleton/frame. The nearly seamless composite components is a feast for my eyes.

Let's make the best of this kit. I'll improve it by customizing some parts slightly, give it a professional paint job and add some modest 'bling' to it. I can't wait...

This might take a small eternity, but patience my son!


marc said...

heeey chobin,
im looking forward to the end result. and 1 question what does the white label mean ? i got some of them to but i dont know what to do with them.

Chobin said...

Hee Marc,

It's funny now that you mention it. It is actually a 2-D barcode. It contains product information, which can be retrieved by scanning software (some mobile phones can scan this).
It is very useful for stock control within the Bandai production lines. With the 2-D barcode, Bandai knows what is a successful product and what is not.
For Japan this is a common ICT feature and starting to hit the shores in Europe. Don't worry, we cannot use them...

But I don't know what is inside the lable. It looks like a code or product number. Perhaps we should register it somewhere on the site??!

Mwu La Fllaga said...

Great!! Finally a normal version of the Strike. No doubt it will be a masterpiece!

Pim said...

Nice ben benieuwd naar je oordeel!