Tuesday, 9 June 2009

MG Aile Strike Gundam #01

There you go, a pile of colorful plastic. It's doesn't look much without the runners (such a waste isn't it?). I'll paint the launch platform well as, while I'm at it. As you can see, I've already assembled the frame to get idea what size it is going to. It is a quite slim MS.
The next step is to sculpture a tiny part of the front 'skirts' in order to give it more bite. I'm also going to carve extra grooves on several armor parts and on the shield. I think I have to make some drawings first before I ruin the kit...

Does anyone have tips for me on what tools I can use for carving (straight) shallow grooves?

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Pim said...

De eerste lijn met een naald of een scherp mes schrijven. Om strakke lijnen te trekken kun je een stukje dun plastic plaat gebruiken of een stuk dymo tape (van die oudewetse waar je van die druk letters in duwt)